Stamford @ Royal Palm Beach, FL

Q: When is my maintenance fee's due?
A: On the 1st. of each month. Send payments along with your coupon to: 
BB&T Association Services, P.O. Box 62807, Orlando, Florida 32862-8207.

Q: Who do I call for repairs or questions about my account?
A: Davenport Professional Properties Management

Q: Can we have dogs at Stamford?
A: No. Sorry, dogs are not allowed in Stamford since 1991. (See Article IV Use Of Property)

Q: Can I Store Containers And Equipment Outside?
A: No. Sorry No Containers Nor Storage Bins Are Allowed Outside On Common Grounds

Q: How many parking spaces per unit?
A: 2 assigned spaces per unit only.

Q: Do I have to keep my patio and parking spaces clean?
A: Yes PLEASE, Patios and parking spaces is the owners responsibility to keep clean.

Q: I want to refinance my mortgage, who do I contact for proof of insurance?
A: Mack Mack & Waltz Insurance Group Inc.

Q: How long can we use the guest parking?
A: Guest parking is exactly that, short term for visitors only.
Please Note: Vehicles Will Be Towed At The Owner's Expense.

Q: Can I park in a handicap parking space?
A: No. Sorry, these spaces are reserved only for handicap users. There is a fine
for illegal parking in these spaces.  (Obtain Permit)

Q: Can I have window coverings? Can I post signs on my windows or in the front of my unit?
A: Yes. All draperies, curtains, shades or other window coverings which are visible from the exterior shall have a white backing.
A: No. No signs or advertisements of any kind shall be posted.

Q: Can I rent out my unit?
A: No, Sorry units are to be leased for 6 months with screening of tenants.  (See Lease Application)

Q: Can I have my RV, Campers, Boats, Commercial Trucks and Motorcycles in Stamford?
A: No. Sorry, RV, Campers, Boats, Commercial Trucks and Motorcycles are not allowed.
Please Note: Vehicles Will Be Towed At The Owner's Expense.

Q: Can I make repairs to my vehicles in Stamford?
A: No. Sorry, only simple repairs such as changing a flat tire, dead battery, wiper blades. Major mechanical repairs is not allowed.

Q: Can I park in my neighbor's parking space?
A: No. Sorry, ask your neighbor first for written permission and send a copy of the permission to Davenport Professional Property Management Inc. 

Q: Can we use the pool at night after hours?
A: No. Sorry from dawn to dusk only (See Pool Rules)

Q: Can we eat food, drink alcohol in the pool area?
A: No. Sorry, please no food, alcohol drinks are not allowed in or around the pool area. 

Q: When do we put bulk items out for trash pickup?
A: The night before pickup Sunday Night. Pick up is presently on Mondays early morning.  Please DO NOT put furniture, mattress, chairs, carpeting or large items in the dumpsters.

Q; Can we place trash outside the dumpster?
A: No. Please trash is placed inside the dumpster only; if your dumpster is full please go to the next available dumpster.

Q: Is there a Fining Committee at Stamford?
A: Yes. Violators will be sent a letter of any known violations and if not corrected according to our Rules-Regulations, Covenants and By-Laws he or she may be brought before Fining Committee for a hearing and possibly fined.

Q: Can we fish in the lakes at Stamford?
A: No. Sorry, No fishing is allowed in any of the lakes. 

Q: What is the speed limit in Stamford?
A: 15 miles per hour. Speeders will be fined by the Sheriffs Dept. and or brought before the Fining Committee.

Q: When are Stamford Board meetings held?
A: Every 2 months on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM in the pool office unless otherwise notified.

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